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Artificial Intelligence Enhanced Learning

Blended AI-Enhanced-Learning

At IGS, we utilise a blended learning model with our Artificial Intelligence enhanced self-directed learning combined with on-site teachers to help students gain complete mastery of their learning. Teachers will also be involved at key learning milestones for new skill development.

Driven by Data

Our AI-enhanced learning solution relies on past student data and real-time analysis to deliver a personalised learning experience right down to individual content blocks. This allows students to address foundational misconceptions which prevent them from progressing that might otherwise be missed. The AI-enhanced adaptive self-learning helps students to stay in their zone of proximal development so that students can maintain an optimal level of motivation and confidence to learn effectively.

Intelligent Learning Management 

Intelligent Learning Dashboard (ILD) 

The Intelligent Learning Dashboard (ILD) provides a comprehensive overview of the learning progress and needs of each student to our digitally savvy teachers.  Using machine learning, the ILD takes into account the student’s learning history, passion, aptitude, special needs, attendance and discipline records to derive learning insights of our students so that our teachers can have a better understanding of the learning needs of our students.  With an easy-to-use graphical interface, our teachers can easily design personalised learning interventions for each and every student. 

ILD can also perform a baseline assessment at the beginning of each semester.  ILD can predict and identify students at risk very early on.   Teachers can then take early learning interventions to improve the learning success of these students at the earliest possible time rather than at the end of the semester.

In most traditional classrooms, teachers lecture at the front of the class and have difficulty engaging students.  Empowered with learning insights, our teachers can gather students with similar learning needs and passion into learning groups and design differentiated learning tailored for each group to better engage students in active learning.  

Talent Future Index

Our Talent-Future Index (TFI) is able to spot and interpret emerging skills and help each student design their own learning pathways. TFI data is then utilised by our partners at IDP, where their specialised admissions counsellors are able to chart a course for successful university admissions.