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A platform that uses a blended learning approach combining classroom methods with technology-driven personalised learning to provide schools to prepare their students for Cambridge International A-level curriculum.

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Our teachers, curriculum specialists and academic advisors are from Singapore's world-class education system. They have held senior positions at leading Singapore educational institutions as well as the Singapore Ministry of Education. They provide the experience in helping students achieve top results in global TIMSS (Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study) and PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) scores.

AI-Enhanced Personalised Learning

Our AI-enhanced and data-driven learning and assessment platform creates an automated personalised curriculum for the individual student to stretch and develop their capabilities within their zone of proximal development. The student is supported through appropriate scaffolds for progression.

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Empowering the Educator

Our Intelligent Classroom Dashboard (ICD) equips teachers with rich data to enable differentiated learning. Using current and past data, teachers can track and predict each individual’s progress, helping facilitate early learning and behavioural interventions to ensure students are well positioned for success.

Future-Ready Student

Our Talent-Future Index (TFI) will be able to spot and interpret emerging skills and help each student design their own learning pathways. TFI data is then utilised by our partners at International Education Specialists, where admissions counsellors are able to chart a course for successful university admissions.

Global Network

As a member of Invictus Global Schoolhouse (IGS), you gain access to a global network of partners and learners across the world. Stay tuned or inquire with our sales team for more information on our current and global partners.


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