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The Importance of STEM/STEAM Education


STEM can mean different things for different people. STEM is short for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Sometimes the Arts are added to STEM to make STEAM, also. Each of these acronyms remind us that humans progress through the knowledge and understanding of each individual part (S, T, E, M) and can improve our individual and collective lives when they are utilized together.

In brief: SCIENCE provides a process to understand the natural world through investigation; TECHNOLOGY enhances our ability to communicate our understandings, as well as improve our senses and precision in studying the natural world; ENGINEERING provides a process to solve problems we wish to overcome, and MATHEMATICS is the language we use to identify natural laws and order and be able to be better prepared for the future through mathematical prediction. The ARTS can be added in order to provide us a reminder that the creative spirit and designs are an essential part for communicating our understandings and, sometimes, to have intuitive leaps in STEM, through metaphor, analogy, and artistic expression.

Why STEM/STEAM education is important?
From the earliest of times, STEM, or even the rudimentary forms of it, has allowed humanity to survive and thrive on Earth. And now, in the 21st century, our collective knowledge and understanding of it are even more important toward our success. And that collective success begins with your child. Everyday, your child will make choices and take action. Why not provide them a STEM framework in order to excel in school, at home, and beyond in their everyday life?

These 4 things are some of the reasons why STEM education is important for your child:

  1. It provides order to a chaotic world: both natural and man-made challenges are better understood and better prepared for/overcome.
  2. It empowers us: things that are broken can be fixed; everyday items can be used safely and correctly; and problems, big and small, can be solved.
  3. It provides a way to discover and to learn – each day becomes a day of new discovery and new learning.
  4. It is universal: your child will learn a mindset that can serve them well no matter what field or profession they pursue.

Providing your child with a solid foundation in STEM is what we want to help you accomplish with STEMWerkz. We find joy in making STEMWerkz because we know that STEM education is important for your child to think logically, critically, and creatively for their benefit and the benefit of the world.