ReadNow English

ReadNow English

At ReadNow, we blend technology and literacy strategies to break down language comprehension barriers and boost students’ enthusiasm for reading. Dive into level-appropriate books, audio narration, smart dictionary, learning activities, and interactive games, all designed to make your language learning adventure truly enjoyable.

About The Program Design​

Sing-Ed Global Schoolhouse is proud to introduce ReadNow, our innovative language learning program specifically designed to transform your language acquisition journey. Powered by Readin, a renowned platform provider, we bring cutting-edge technology to enhance the learning experience. As a leading educational institution, we are deeply committed to fostering language enrichment and empowering students to excel in their chosen languages through our collaboration with Readin.

Welcome to ReadNow for Schools! We’re delighted to offer an innovative, comprehensive, and effective language learning program tailored specifically for educational institutions. Built upon proven literacy strategies and advanced technology, our platform is designed to elevate the learning experience and outcomes of your students.

Embrace a more dynamic, engaging, and personalized way of language learning. Wave goodbye to traditional, less-effective methods and say hello to our exciting, interactive reading experiences. ReadNow for Schools provides a wholesome, enjoyable journey towards improved language skills, engaging students like never before.

ReadNow’s School Edition incorporates all the innovative and interactive features present in our Personal Edition, ensuring an engaging, personalized, and effective language learning experience for every student in your institution.

Reading Ability Levels

At ReadNow for Schools, we believe in the power of detailed analysis and tailored strategies for effective language learning. That’s why we break down our comprehensive performance measurement system into three distinct but interconnected ‘Levels’.

Individual Level

Each student deserves a tailored learning experience. At ReadNow, we ensure this by offering detailed reports for each student. These reports encompass everything from the books read, login details, to quiz results, offering a comprehensive view of the student’s progress and areas of improvement. This individual tracking system allows teachers and parents to keep abreast of each student’s learning journey and intervene where necessary.

Class Level

Understand the overall performance of your class with our Class Level reports. We provide a thorough analysis of how each student is progressing, ensuring that no one is left behind. Class reports provide valuable insights that enable teachers to adjust their teaching strategies, focusing more on areas where the class might need extra help.

School Level

At the school level, we deliver a grand overview of all classes’ reading progress. From scores to the number of books read, we track and report it all. This comprehensive view provides schools with valuable data to understand the effectiveness of their language learning programs and make informed decisions for future curriculum planning.

Features & Benefits

Adaptive Reading Experience

Actionable Insights

Interactive and Engaging Content

Improved Language Skills

Administrative Efficiency

Choosing ReadNow for Schools brings numerous benefits. Our platform ensures a personalised and effective learning path, encouraging students to improve their language skills while maintaining their interest and motivation. With our comprehensive reports, teachers and school administrators can continuously monitor and adjust their teaching strategies based on the progress and needs of their students.