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T41 Technology Platform

T41 is a comprehensive technology platform designed to streamline and enhance educational processes. It incorporates three core components: school management, learning management, and a practice system. The platform offers an integrated solution for educational institutions to manage administrative tasks, create engaging learning experiences, and provide opportunities for students to practice and improve their skills. By harnessing the power of T41, schools can optimize their operations, foster collaborative learning, and support student success.

About The Program Design​

Sing-ED Global Schoolhouse has designed the innovative T41 technology platform, which has been successfully adopted by Invictus International Schools. This strategic partnership showcases the commitment of both organizations to deliver top-quality education through cutting-edge technology solutions. By implementing the T41 platform, Invictus International Schools has demonstrated its dedication to enhancing learning experiences, streamlining administrative tasks, and providing students with personalized practice opportunities.


Student Management

Update and organize student information on the go through our web portal and linked mobile applications. Stay updated on student matters through modules such as Health Records, Incident Reports, and Student Attendance Reports for seamless management of students.


Parent Engagement

Built-in intuitive two-way interaction platform for teachers and parents to exchange messages, share class activities and learning materials, make announcements, and set-up events like parent-teacher conferences.


Student Development

Conveniently capture the child’s learning journey for observation and progress monitoring. Portfolio reports can be generated easily to track learning observations against checklists and evaluation criteria set by the school.


Centre Operations Management

Manage day-to-day operations efficiently with modules to assist you in monitoring and planning for centre development in areas like staff account management, centre logs, and staff sign-in/out management.


Admissions Management

Engage potential parents end-to-end. Register their enrolment to your school from the application form all the way to digital signing of contract documents with our established admissions workflow. Allocate admitted students to their classes and starts administrative processes and communication with parents conveniently with our other modules.