WCOE – See Possibilities Program

See Possibilities Programme

Make learning fun!

Charge up the excitement of students through intriguing demonstrations that get them thinking of the phenomenon behind how and why things happen, and introduce Science concepts or explain Science themes!

Programme Details

The See Possibilities Program comes inclusive of:

  • Access to the full suite of STEMWerkz multi-modal STEM learning platform
  • Opportunity to attend up to 4 STEM enrichment class, all inclusive of fun hands-on activities, demonstrations, class activities, powered by STEMWerkz. 


Offered in 2 packages:

  • Quarterly Plan: Includes 3-month STEMWerkz subscription + 1 physical STEM enrichment class
  • Annual Plan: Includes 1-year STEMWerkz subscription + 4 physical STEM enrichment classes. 

For Students in Grades 1-3:

For Students in Grades 4-5: